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atmanivedana swami


Atmanivedana Swami was born in Uganda in 1957. He moved to the UK in 1971 and studied at Preston Manor High School. In 1976 he met the devotees and joined the asrama at Bhaktivedanta Manor in 1979. He preached in the UK till 1983, in India in 1984, the USA during 1984 to 1990 (based in New Vrndavana) and back in the UK from 1990 till 1996.


From 1996 onwards he has been preaching for six months in the UK and the rest of the time in India, Singapore, Indonesia Switzerland and other parts of the world as invited.


He took to the sannyasa order in 1993 from Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Swami. Atmanivedana Swami has been an initiating guru in ISKCON since

2013 and is presently involved in a project in Narsingapur District MP,


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