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Ministry of Education

Vision statement

To provide Krishna conscious education of high quality to everyone through temples, educational institutions and various global initiatives.

Mission statement

To develop comprehensive educational systems globally, that foster higher spiritual values, fulfil the needs of ISKCON members and the larger society bringing about excellence in all areas of human life. We aim to fulfil this mission by

  • Empowering and supporting educational initiatives and collaborations among educators, educational institutions and professionals

  • Establishing and monitoring high standards of Vaisnava education

  • Supervising the development and execution of educational plans and ensuring they are delivered to high standards

  • Understanding and fulfilling the educational needs of the Krsna conscious families

  • Making every temple as an educational centre and a centre of excellence.

Sesa Das

Executive Director:

Tapana Misra Dasa


Hanumatpresaka Swami

Atul Krshna Das

Indira-Sakhi Devi Dasi

Email for general enquiries:

Official website:

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