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Gitamrta Devi Dasi


Gītāmṛta devī dāsī (HDG) visited an ISKCON temple for the first time in 1999 and was initiated the following year. Being a college student at the time, she dedicated herself to studying women in Vedic/Vaiṣṇava literature.


Her master's degree dissertation is about women's roles in solene sacrifices (śrauta), Saṁskāras and in the Vedic period society (varṇāśrama). She has completed the ISKCON's Communication Course, Mayapur Academy Worship Course and the GBC College Zonal Supervisor Course.


Since 2016, she has been a founding member the ISKCON-Brazil Women's Department and she is also the head of the Worship Department in Brazil as well. In her professional life, Gitamrta devi is a professor at the University of Pernambuco in the Language Department.

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