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Parabhakti dasa, of Italy, joined the Hare Krishna movement in 1978, at the age of 16. After several years as a brahmacari, he married in 1985 and took on professional responsibilities to provide for his family.  

Parabhakti has managed commercial companies and founded two national associations in Italy focused on environment protection. He has trained and coached professionals for over twenty years. As an international traveller he encountered many cultures and people across the globe, which enriched his vision of the world, and his insights on the varied ways Vaishnavas can contribute to society. 

He regularly holds conferences and training seminars on Krishna Consciousness at public and private institutions and actively collaborates with other religious traditions

Currently serve as:

President of Villa Vrindavana, in Florence

ISKCON Communication Italy Director

Vice President ISKCON Italy

Vice President of ISKCON Communication Europe

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