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sundari radha 

devi dasi

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Sundari Radha dasi was born in Chicago, IL in 1996. Being born and

raised in a devotee family, she was fortunate to be saturated in Prabhupada's teaching from a very young age. She was homeschooled from age nine till she joined college at sixteen where she pursued a bachelor's degree in education. She is now completing her fourth year of teaching middle school in Chicago.

As a teenager, she was curious to see what else the world was offering but she very quickly concluded that the teachings of Srila Prabhupad were one of a kind. She found the love and support available to her from the devotee community to be irreplaceable. In 2018, she received initiation from HH Romapada Swami.

Her main source of inspiration comes from the loving devotee relationships in her life. Sundari Radha currently serves as the youth coordinator for the Chicago ISKCON temple and is an active member of The Sanga Initiative in North America. She works with other youth in her community to create a space for young devotees to find their “why” in Krishna Consciousness and to find their own personal connection with Krishna and Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. Other services she enjoys include organizing events for her spiritual master, cooking for festivals, cleaning the temple, and playing mridanga.

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