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vrnda devi dasi


Vrnda devi dasi first met devotees in 1981 while managing a natural foods store in Brandon, Manitoba. In 1985 she and her family moved to BC to be near the Saranagati farm project, and she and her husband were initiated in 1986 in Vancouver. Her husband left his body in 2005, and since that time Vrnda has been active in service to ISKCON both locally and nationally. She currently serves on the Canadian National Council and the North American Vision Team as well as facilitating the work of ISKCON Manitoba.

Vrnda was privileged to edit the Grhastha Vision Team’s lovely handbook Heart & Soul Connection: A Devotional Guide to Marriage, Service and Love. Seeing a gap in the literature available for pre-teen devotees where they could see themselves and their own lives, she wrote a chapter book: The RAM Club and the Ratha Yatra Rubies. Vrnda was honoured that the devotee school in Alachua, Florida, choose to use this book in their reading program.


Vrnda also edited a newsletter for the Saranagati farm community in the late 80s and 90s and edited a newsletter for the Canadian Sankirtan initiative in the early 2000s. Vrnda is the director of several Canadian ISKCON corporations. She attended the second batch of GBC College. She also brings nearly two decades experience in systems development as the financial manager of a government funded not-for-profit organization focused on adult education. Her role on the Canadian National Council often revolves around systems, finances, and compliance issues.

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